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The Employment Enhancement Training Program (EETP), previously known as Finishing School program, aims to prepare the students, coming from various backgrounds, for better adaptability of the MBA curriculum, in addition to developing certain soft-skills which is a pre-requisite in the present multi-cultural corporate world. It aims for the holistic development of the students. Following subjects are covered in the program:


Sr. Subject
1.  Foundation Course in English Language through SCOPE
2.  Foundation Course in Business Etiquette
3.  Foundation Course in Spreadsheet
4.  Foundation Course in Foreign Languages- French, German or Japanese 
5.  Personality & Leadership Development (PLD)

In addition to the above, soft-skills training has been conducted by various trainers in the campus for various subjects like public speaking, confidence building, communication, handling critical situations and presenting skills.

SMJV's CKSVIM is organizing special classes for the MBA aspirants under the EETP program, for English, Basic Quantitative techniques, Spreadsheet, Business Etiquette. These will be a part of regular MBA Program post-enrollment at CKSVIM (every Saturday).

Time Table for special finishing school classes for MBA aspirants.

Photographs of the introductory session of EETP.

Time Table for 12th July 2014.

Enrollment forms are available at Admin Department.