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And it begins with a bang!! The Dalhousie trip..!! Finally the Dream coming true!! As the station and Vadodara is passing by it reminds us of all the things and how the journey actually began four months ago..finding the concession office,booking the tickets,handling the files,responsible jobs and finally all the gets best reward..the successful and mind blowing start of the journey..!!

The seven witty coordinators started the trip's planning with excitement at it's peak, in the month of October. Then came all the jobs of booking the tickets, collection of money, needful documents, meetings with our lovable accompanying faculty, Respected Dr. Khajuria Sir and Gaurang Sir, payments, and packing!!!

AND FINALLY.. THE VALENTINE'S DAY.. where every student of CKSVIM was considering Dalhousie as it's Valentine..!! 14-02-2017 was the day when the most thrilling adventure tour began with a group of 83 students and our faculty Gaurang Badheka Sir, and our Respected Director Dr. Rajesh Khajuria and Mrs. Bela Khajuria.

DAY-1 (14-2-2017) The Train journey with lots of fun and madness happening around, snacks from every home, tea, coffee from every station, exploring every stop, everyone became a sudden insomniac, having lots of selfies, food,fun, dance, songs, craziness and No Sleep!!

DAY-2 (15-2-2017) And in no time we were at our first destination, Pathankot Cantt in the noon. Then the succession toward the ultimate destination began.. towards DALHOUSIE!! Around 5 pm in the evening we reached DALHOUSIE YOUTH HOSTEL, wherein we were warmly welcomed by Capt. R. S. Rana, followed by an introduction session and later on delicious snacks and dinner. A rocking DJ was arranged for everyday enjoyment of students. The first night ended perfectly well
with a wondering zest for next day.

DAY-3 (16-2-2017) The following days started with strictly disciplined regular routine of breakfast at 8 am, and then the zealous trekking to PUNCHPULLA. it started from the "Thandi Sadak", with all the captivating scenarios of the white snow-covered mountains, followed by lots of selfie sessions at every spot. The troupe finally reached Punchpulla, where we experienced River-crossing and Rappelling. After the lunch at Punchpulla, we started back for Youth Hostel, now passing through "Garam Sadak", getting an introduction of the city, and its ladmarks like "Gandhi Chowk" and "Subhash Chowk".

DAY-4 (17-2-2017) This day had a lot many things to do. DAINKUND-JOTH trek, and the Indian Switzerland, KHAJJIAR..!!! The day started with regular routine, and the mini-journey to Dainkund, at the height of 9800 ft, the highest peak of Dalhousie. We were all flabbergasted by the breath-taking view of the Snow! You could see snow everywhere. The surroundings contained three shades of nature, that were blue of the sky, white of the snow and green of the forests and trees!! Such a mesmerizing moment!! it could have taken a period of lifetime to consume those breath-taking panorama!! We were walking in the snow, playing with the snow, sliding in the snow, all covered and surrounded by the snow!! Then we headed towards Khajjiar, and had lunch in the Switzerland of India..!! The day ended with regular routine of dinner and DJ, and of course the cherishing memories for lifetime.

DAY-5 (18-2-2017) This day was comparatively short, and relaxing. We visited Chamba, a city near Dalhousie, which has its roots from 1100 years ago. The city has many historic landmarks, two of which were visited by us. One was the Laxmi-Narayan temple, as old as the city is, it stands in the heart of the city, and is an astonishingly beautiful place where peace and 1100 years old divine idol of Radha-Krishna resides. Further, we visited the BHURI SINGH MUSEUM, where in the history of Chamba and its kings was gloriously showcased.

DAY-6 (19-2-2017) Finally the day when we encountered a minus degree temperature, at Kalatop, which is 12 km away from Dalhousie. We had an experience of real-time trekking, in the jungle of Kalatop. It was a completely different and exciting experience for us.

DAY-7 (20-2-2017) The day started auspiciously with the visit to the Bhadrakali Mata's Bhalai Mata Temple. The place was peaceful and sacred in every tiny part of itself. The visit continued to CHAMERA LAKE, wherein some students enjoyed boating in the lake, and watching the beauty of the nature. After lunch at Chamera Lake, we departed for Youth Hostel.

DAY-8 (21-2-2017) This day was kept free for local visit. Some students went to visit "Subhash Baoli”, that is located at a distance of 1 Km from Dalhousie has a picturesque view.The place has been known by the name Subhash Chandra Bose. The weather was minus 3 degree celsius, and the city was looking magical in the dew and fog, covered by beautiful scenery all around. The last day in Dalhousie was ended in the perfect weather.

DAY-9 (22-2-2017) And the day came when this lovely trip has to be ended. We left from Dalhousie to Pathankot Cantt at 7:30 am. As we left the place, it started snowing, as if the city was giving us a farewell!! What could be a better goodbye gift that this..!!?!?!! We boarded our train and departed at 1 pm from Pathankot Cantt, leaving the miraculous city behind, and taking all the irreplaceable memories with us!!

DAY-10 (23-2-2017) Finally the ultimate exciting adventure TOUR ended on this day, as we arrived at Baroda at 1:30 pm. All the memories, bondings, friendships, moments spent together, and all the learnings will be kept locked in our hearts forever!! This trip was one of the "Na bhuto na bhavishyati" experiences that will be kept safe as golden memories...!!!

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The Coordinators of the Trip:

Karan Zaveri
Jenish Shah
Jigeesha Mujumdar
Deep Bavisi
Reshma Wadhwani
Dhara Jingar
Hiral Patel

Report by: Jigeesha Mujumdar and Reshma Wadhwani