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The students of CKSVIM met their seniors and the alumni of their own institute, CKSVIM, under C.A.L.L. (Corporate Alumni Live Lessons) on 4th February 2017. The whole session was based on the discussion of the topic, "Tips For Neo Corporate Entrants". The students had a chance to interact with their own seniors, who are now having a strong base set in the current corporate world.

The session's introduction was done by  Mr. Brijesh Shah. Later on the discussion was begun with the topic of Corporate World, by Ms. Karishma Bhaya. She advised the students to have experience, before going for a start-up. She shared about the learnings and experience that she faced in the corporate world. The discussion was further led by Ms. Hemanshi Shah, another proud alumni of CKSVIM, who shared her knowledge about communication skills, appearance, speech, and listening skills, which are necessary for communicating effectively in the Corporate World.

Further, Ms. Sachira Bapat, an upcoming name in the field of HR, talked about attitude, and recruitments in the organizations. She showed the real picture of corporate world, what skills and what kind of attitude is searched for in the Corporate Globe, by the HRs. The recent alumni of CKSVIM, Ms. Sonia Sachdev, also motivated students about entering and succeeding in the corporate world and a neo entrant.

Ms. Pankti Shah, who makes us proud about her great achievement of being on of the top 10 solo travellers in India, who also has her own digital marketing company. She motivated girls for taking a lead in the Entrepreneurship and talked about women empowerment. The discussion took an interesting turn with the introduction of Mr. Sameer Patel, HR recruiter, Collabera, talked about his own journey from being a college boy, to a corporate man. He advised students to spend time with own self, and do introspection whenever needed, because introspection helps you know the correct path and it makes you more mature. He ended with this beautiful quote, "Love what you do, or do what you love."

Later, Mr. Brijesh Shah concluded the session, with his own experience in corporate world, and by sharing his sweet memories at CKSVIM.

Report By: Reshma Wadhwani & Jigeesha Mujumdar