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One of the most significant festivals in Indian culture - Diwali, the festival of lights, sees millions attend firework displays, prayers and celebratory events. A festival that brings a happy vacation along with it.

But just before Diwali vacation, students of Batch-08 and Batch-09 organized an evening get-together on 4th October 2017 , which was really special !

In order to convey the true meaning of Diwali, that is to spread happiness, students of CKSVIM collected clothes, sweets, toys and crackers during the celebration. The main theme of the event was to conduct a "Smiles Distribution Drive" in a city to donate the collected goods to the needy.

The conference hall was decorated with colorful lightings and entrance was glorified with beautiful Rangoli. Students and staff performed and played on many activities and proved that Diwali can be celebrated without any noise, without any pollution and without any harm to anyone !

After collecting good amount of donation, students conducted donation drive at few spots in the city on 15th October 2017, in which they distributed clothes, sweets and toys to the needy.

Later the drive was recognized by 2 well known social media group - "Baroda Rocks" & "I am Vadodara".

"A small initiative can make a big difference !"


Report Written by: Parth Jadhav, Batch 8