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Welcoming Ganeshji has always been a pleasure for our institute. This year students of batch 9 and batch 10 were given chance to showcase their religious side with a touch of fun and management.

On 13th September, we welcomed Ganeshji with holy sthapana. On 14th September, college campus witnessed great enthusiasm as juniors were given a task to unlock a hidden treasure with poetic clues. Treasure hunt was great fun and a reason for all juniors and seniors to gel up.

On 15th September,  seventeen students from batch 9 and batch 10 went near vishwamitri bridge to serve 60 street children with good meal and a bit of stationary to help them learn. We played games, danced for hours and we earned smiles! Their smiles were the blessings showered by Ganeshji. It was a celebration in true sense.

On 16th September, batch 10 had an innovative way to support Smart City Theme. They decorated the campus depicting an epitome of how a smart city should be.

On 17th September, it was time to bade goodbye to Bappa with a bang. We organized Chappan Bhog Prashada and holy Shree Satyanarayan katha and holy visarjan was followed by a promise to welcome Bappa with more enthusiasm coming year.

These 5 days, college campus was dipped in an amazing aura and energy!

Ganpati Bappa moraya, Agle baras tu jaldi aa!


Report written by: Hardika Lalwani, Batch 9

Picture Courtesy: Yash Gandhi, Batch 9