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Subtitle: Power of Dressing
 C.K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management in Association with CII - Yi (Young Indian)
Date: 16th September 2017
Timing: 9.30 am to 11.00 am

The session started off with our very own Dr. Ankit Shah introducing Ms. Sonal Bhavsar- Image Consultant- Dress to Impress, to attendees of the session.

Ms. Sonal Bhavsar initiated with an interactive game where she showed images of same people dressed differently, posing according to their outfits and not to their actual profession; to explain how people are judged by how they dress and their body postures. Followed by this activity, she made us aware about the concept of “Image Cycle.” The theory of image cycle is about how the way we see ourselves affects our dressing, behaviour and also influences the view of others on us.

Ms. Bhavsar very well explained the measures to keep in mind before getting dressed up- formally as well as informally. A person should dress up according to his/her personal and lifestyle factors. For example, a person who is in an authoritative position can’t simply dress in his t-shirt and shorts to attend a board meeting.

She explained how to match up totally from top to bottom to achieve a complete look. She also stated that a research proves that non verbal communication makes 55% of the total impact made on someone, followed by visual being 38% and verbal being 7%. This research itself shows the importance of proper dressing. As it is well quoted, “First Impression Is the Last Impression.”; it is our dress that communicates about us before our verbal communication starts. For a management student, it is very important to maintain the formal and comfortable style of dressing.

The utmost important thing is that we should be comfortable in what we are choosing to wear. It’s ok to get inspired by someone’s style and try to recreate it, but before making a public appearance make sure to get reviews from trustworthy person. If we are comfortable in what we are wearing then people will also be comfortable with our clothing.

In short, I conclude that we had a new and different experience through this session. We got to know the fashion blunders we used to make in our day to day life and now have enough knowledge to shine as a show stopper every day. All of us are looking forward for the next session with Ms. Sonal Bhavsar eagerly.


Report Written by: Celeste Solomon and Abirami Pillai, Batch 9

Picture Courtesy: Deep Bavisi, Batch 8

Coordinators: Nusrat Campwala, Web Officer and Dr. Ankit Shah, Placement Officer