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FDP was conducted for CKSVIM faculty members on Self Motivation on 10th October, 2017 by Ms. Parul Daftari.

The FDP started with self introduction of faculty members with one word adjective that defines them. This was followed by an activity where the faculty members were asked to write down few things which they feel “I Can’t”. Post that, each faculty member was asked to explain their Cant’s. This exercise gave an insight as to how many things one feel he/she can’t do. This activity also gave a platform to the faculty members to know each other well.

These activities were then supported by providing conceptual idea about Motivation and its Theories. Once the theories were discussed, another activity was performed wherein the faculty members were asked to write down their Motivators and Hygiene Factors, based on Herzberg Two Factor Theory of Motivation. Once the factors were indentified then the expert suggested avoiding Hygiene factors and focusing on Motivator factors in life.

Based on the Motivation session, a team was formed to work out their individual goal and organizational goal. Each team was asked to write the organization goal on the board, where to a surprise, all the three teams’ organization goal turned out to be same – “To make CKSVIM among the top 10 Institutes in Gujarat.”

The motivation session was followed by an introduction to Team Building by playing two games on Team Building, which was a lot of fun for all the faculty members.

The FDP turned out to be a great motivation for the faculty members to introspect themselves, understand their colleagues and to keep themselves motivated to uplift the institution to higher and higher level.




Report written by: Dr. Kunjal Sinha, Associate Professor, CKSVIM

FDP Coordinated by: Nusrat Campwala, Admin Officer, CKSVIM