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Seminar on “Transforming dreams into reality” was organized by CII Yi on 8th November 2017. The Speaker was Swami Gyanvatsal Ji, Swaminarayan Mandir, Atladara, Vadodara. 60 students from Sem 3 & 1 attended the seminar.

Swami ji talked about how to become a better professionals and best of human beings. He summarised the task of achieving one’s dream into three formulas: Thinking, Confidence and Character. These factors along with one’s belief in God, ethical behaviour, morality and truthfulness are the path of transforming dreams into reality. He explained the connection between hard work and position by quoting a saying from South African region,” Every morning the slowest lion have to run faster than the slower deer to see the evening. Same way the slowest deer have to faster than the fastest lion to see the evening.” This very well explains no matter whether one is a CEO or a front line manager, by the end of the day its hard work put into work.

Gyanvatsal Swami supported his thoughts with various real life examples like CEO of Google-Satya Nadella, Vinod Kambli, and People’s President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam along with many others.

The seminar was indeed a great one and enjoyed by all attendees.

Report written by: Abirami Pillai, Batch 9