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An Investor Awareness Programme, an Initiative from National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was organised at C.K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management by finance club under the guidance of Prof. Gaurang Badheka on August 31, 2018.

The purpose of the seminar was to create awareness amongst the investors with respect to their rights and duties while investing in various securities through stock exchanges. It was headed by some of the prominent persons from securities market. Mr. Bhupal Khidrapure (Manager- Western Regional Office, Ahmedabad), Mr. Ankit Tiwari (Manager, NSE, Ahmedabad), Mr. Soumyajyoti Guha (Deputy Manager, Education, NSE) were invited for the seminar.


Dr. Rajesh Khujuria, Director, CKSVIM welcomed the guests and explain the significance of the talk to the the students. He also encouraged the students to prepare for various competitive examination to get placed with some of the Government bodies/ companies.

It was followed by signing of MOU between the Dr Rajesh Khajuria and Mr.. Ankit Tiwari.

Dr. Ankit Tiwari gave a brief introduction about NSE and made the students aware about the current frauds happening in the stock market. He also explained about the savings and investment by to be done by various investors. He also explained various precautions to be taken while operating in stock market. He made students aware about various risk factors in dealing with various market securities.

Mr. Bhupal Khidrapure gave introduction on SEBI and the established surveillance system for monitoring the trading activities in the capital market. Video clips on Investor Awareness were also presented during his interactive talk.

Mr. Bhupal explained the mechanism of filing the complain against any market intermediaries in case of any fraud or irregularities found.

At the end, Mr. Gaurang Badheka, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM, proposed the vote of thanks to the invited guests for visiting the institute and explaining various important aspects to the students about the stock exchanges.

It was overall an enlightening and informative programme held at CKSVIM.



Report written by: Divyaraj Sinh, Batch 9

Report Edited by: Prof. Gaurang Badheka