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The Face Yoga workshop was conducted by Ms. Himali Patel, student of Batch IV, CKSVIM on 5th April 2014 for Faculty and staff members of CKSVIM. She is very passionate about Yoga and regularly practice different methods, in order to remain healthy and young.

Ms. Himali demonstrated different styles of face yoga which improves the individual's appearance, and sense of well-being.

Ms. Himali demonstrating Yoga Methods

She explained how the regular practice of face yoga helps to increase skin thickness by increasing blood flow to the skin. Individual's expression will change and any stress lines on your face will start to smooth out. The end result is younger, radiant, glowing skin, greater self-confidence and awareness from the inside out.

Further, she said that Face yoga method is the Facial exercises that will lift your Face up and prevent wrinkles. The Face yoga method is not just yoga for your face, but also for your mind and body. Transformations have been seen not only on people’s faces but their mental health too. People become Happier, Calmer and more confident in themselves.

Ms. Himali briefed us the various benefits of Face Yoga Methods like, Better blood circulation, more oxygen flow, more nutrients in the body and face, better looking skin, more defined cheeks, bigger wide opened eyes, more symmetrical face, uplifted corners of the mouth, reduced double chin, controlled feminine jawline, firmer more youthful looking face and so on.

She said that many people exercise to maintain the body and keep it young, why not exercise your face for the same reason? The FYM exercises your face muscles in ways you never knew existed.

She taught different styles of face yoga namely: The wow, the eye bag toner, the under eye relaxer, the double chin lift, the big 'O', the swan neck, the pulled tongue, the yummy face, the nasolabial smoother.

At the end of the session, all the participants practiced the different styles of Face Yoga.


Prepared by: Himali Patel, Semester IV, CKSVIM and Nusrat Campwala, Admin Officer, CKSVIM