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GTU organized an important seminar of GCSR, DSTU and Award function at its Chandkheda Campus, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA on July 19, 2014.

This is a brief report on Malawi, prepared by Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Chairman, Global MBA Program, and GCSR Committee, GTU.

Malawi: Business, Education and Investment  Opportunities.

H.E. Dr. Lewis P. Mbilizi, Deputy High Commissioner of Malawi in India, New Delhi.

Malawi is a small country in Africa and produces and exports Agriculture produce to India. India exports small business technologies and machinery to Malawi and the total trade is about USD 300 million p.a. There are 10,000 Patel Gujarati-Indian original people living I'm Malawi, of course they are now known as Malawis.

Investing in Malawi:

Significant opportunity. 15.4 million people. GDP of 5.879 billion in 2012 and the growth rate is 4.3%. Temp is cooler than India, at 15 to 25 degree centigrade.

Tobacco is main produce.

Why invest in Malawi?

Unparalleled means of agriculture production. A stable multi-party democracy, prive sector-led growth through tangible policy reforms, and success has been demonstrated by private firms and businesses.

1,000 small firms processing agri products, butter, milk, tobacco, maize and seed.

Monsanto, Standard Chartered Bank, Alliance Tobacco, Unilever etc are multinationals operating in Malawi. The are many local companies also.

Multilateral Trade Agreements with USA AGOA, EU, CHINA AND INDIA for free trade. America Growth Initiative for Africa.

Malavi's Enabling Environment:

Incentives and tax-breaks are offered like Duty-free imports, Investment Allowance, Loss Carry Forward for Traders, Allowance for Socail Contributions, Corporate Tax-Free in Free Zones.

Many new Acts passed recently, like PPP Act, Business Registration Act, Investment Promotion Act, companies (Amendment) Act, 2012, Export Processing  Amendment) Act, 2012, Land Act, 2012 to protect personal private property.

Investment Opportunities:

Increasing Irrigation Capacity. Indian government grant of USD 70 million.
Revisiting Power Infrastructure
Improving Railway lines
Agriculture processing
Waste water mgt, bank, solar energy, ICT, Education, Schools, Colleges, Universities.

Investor has to make:
Application to Malawi Trade and Investment Authority.

Take home:

1. Cool pleasant weather with temperature of 15 to 25 degree centigrade throughout the year!

2. GTU, CKSVIM and myself (born in SUDAN, AFRICA) can Help in improving education and university sector in Malawi including promoting Education and collaborations with Global Universities. E.g. for Technology and Engineering, Pharmacy, MBA, etc program of GTU, and Online MBA and DBA with France and USA based Universities.

3. Trade promotion through seminars with FGI, VCCI, BMA, ISTD...and GTU at Vadodara City in Gujarat State. First such seminar may be in September or October 2014, to be repeated every year if supported by Malawi High Commission in New Delhi, INDIA.

4. Invite to Vadodara in September or October 2014.