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Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, inaugurated Ph.D Research Centre of CKSVIM on First Annual Function on 26 February 2011.

The main objective of the Centre is to create and preserve the awareness among the Teaching Community about the “Role of Research” in the process of Knowledge – acquisition, processing, and storage of existing knowledge on one hand and on the other hand, in the process of generation and dissemination of newer knowledge driven by the acquisition of existing knowledge.

Mission of PhD Research Centre:
  • To promote ‘ Research Activities’ at SMJV’s C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management, Gujarat Technological University and in  other Institutions in the State of Gujarat and India.
  • To promote Research Environment in CKSVIM capable of sustaining all kinds of research activities needed for the generation and dissemination of newer knowledge on a long-term sustainable basis.

The specific objectives of the Research Centre therefore are:

  • To encourage teachers and independent researchers to get into the habit of reading research journals to acquire current knowledge of the outcomes of the ‘research  studies’ conducted by the Researchers and reported in these journals.
  • To make them aware of the whole ‘Process of Researches’ of different kinds which can be undertaken by any Researcher and to motivate him/her to conduct ‘Researches-studies’ independently or as a member of the Research Team.
  • To train the Teachers and researchers in drawing inferences from the Research Studies reported in Research Journals / Magazines, Websites and to carry out the ‘Concept – mapping’ of the research findings to identify the “gaps” in the Current Studies to enable them to design and conduct research studies with a view to bridging the ‘research-gap’ thereby adding new knowledge in the field of Research.
  • To train the  teachers and researchers in the design of Samples, Questionnaire to be used for collecting field data and to integrate them with the tools of Statistical analysis for drawing inferences and for fulfilling the objectives of a Research Studies.
  • To inspire the Teachers and researchers for writing Research Papers and to get the same published in the ‘referred- journals’ of repute.
  • To enable our Teachers and researchers to undertake and complete their Ph.D Research and to earn their Doctorate in Management.
  • To support and promote the publication of Research Journal of the Institute SANKALPA (ISSN 2231 – 1904).
  • To seek research funding from Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) like GTU, UGC, AICTE, Ministry of Education, Government of India, Government of Gujarat; multi-lateral agencies like United Nations and others.
  • To collaborate with and to seek co-operation from other research and educational institutions of India and abroad with a view to promoting Research activities among ‘Teacher-researchers’ as well as independent researchers.

Dr. Satendra Kumar, PhD (Management), MBA, B. Tech (Hon.),  I.I.T.-Kharagpur