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Mr. Jeffery Alderman -President of Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Program (ACBSP), USA, Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Director CKSVIM and Chair,Region 10 (South Asia), ACBSP, and was invited as Speakers at 1st ACBSP Region 10 Seminar organised by FPT University, Hanoi on Value of ACBSP Accreditation and Region 10 (South Asia)'s important activities during August 27-31, 2017. Prof. Pramod Thevannoor, Past Chair, Region 10 was also invited as an esteemed guest participant.

FPT University – Hanoi Campus

ACBSP Seminar on Value of ACBSP Accreditation and Region 10 (South Asia)'s important activities, hosted by the FPT University, Hanoi Campus on August 28, 2017 attracted about 25 professors and staff from four leading universities / colleges / campuses. The seminar signifies not only the importance and value of ACBSP Accreditation in Vietnam, but also suggests the willpower of management and resources devoted by FPT University.



The ACBSP Seminar in Vietnam was extremely well organised, thanks to Dr. Tran Ngoc Tuan, Vice Rector, FPTU and Secretary, Region 10, ABSP (2017-18), with unconditional and total support of Honourable President, Rector and Vice Rectors and staff.

FPT University is the only Corporate University in Vietnam with four Campuses in four major cities of the country offering various academic programs at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang. The university is promoted by the FPT Group, the largest business conglomerate in Vietnam employing 29,000 employees. “The fact that the majority of FPT university’s 5,000 students find a job within the promoter corporate group companies – is a unique model worth replicating in South Asia and rest of the world” according to Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Chair, Region 10.

We greatly value and acknowledge our visits and meetings, organised by FPTU, to the following Universities / college:

1. FPT University, Hanoi Campus - the best private university in Vietnam!

2. National Economics University, Hanoi and its new Glass Building Campus

3. FPT University, Ho Chi Minh City Campus

4. Saigon Institute of Technology (SaigonTech), Ho Chi Minh City.


National Economics University (NEU) – Hanoi City

It was our great pleasure to visit prestigious National Economics University, of Government of Vietnam, located in the heart of Hanoi, and meet Prof. Dr. Tran Tho Dat, PhDs (ANU, NEU) – President, Dr. Dao Thanh Tung - Director, Dept. of International Cooperation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong - Director, Advanced Educational Programs and Faculty and Staff Members on August 27, 2017.

We were impressed by NEU as well as the level, width and depth of your numerous academic programs and research Journal. NEU’s Research Journal was exchanged with SANKALPA: Journal of Management & Research (PROQUEST listed, UGC Approved, ISSN: 2231-1904) published by Dr. Rajesh Khajuria on behalf of CKSVIM, Vadodara, India.

NEU has recently opened a world class Glass Tower Academic building. Congratulations!

NEU became interested in joining ACBSP for earning Global Accreditation.


SaigonTech – Ho Chi Minh City

It was a great pleasure to visit esteemed Institute at HCM City, Vietnam, and meet Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu – Chancellor, Dr. Le Minh Trung -Vice Chancellor and Prof. Pham Van Kien (Jackson) - In-charge of Business Administration Faculty and team along with our ACBSP delegation led by Mr. Jeffery Alderman, President, ACBSP-USA, Prof. Pramod Thevannoor, Past Chair, Region 10 and myself on August 30, 2017.

We were impressed by SaigonTech’s vision, commitment, academic / teaching facilities, collaboration with a US based College for students transfer, and most importantly, we appreciate their interest in joining ACBSP, USA.

Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, an ACBSP Certified Mentor & Evaluator, also offered to mentor the NEU and SigonTech to achieve the prestigious Accreditation from ACBSP, in addition to discussing about Academic Collaboration opportunities between ACBSP member schools in India and Vietnam in the areas such as:

1. Student and Faculty exchange program

2. Joint research projects and publication

3. Design of curricula to suit the corporate requirement in India and Vietnam.


An Invitation: India Booting! Region 10 ACBSP Conference at Mysore, India

We take this opportunity to invite Vietnamese Universities’ President, Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans and Professors to attend the ACBSP Region 10 Annual Conference proposed at SDMIMD, Mysore on November 15-16, 2017. A formal announcement is on the cards.

If possible, we shall also plan to organise one day Certified Training Program for "ACBSP Mentors and Evaluators" on the 3rd day of November 16, 2017 for Senior Professors of ACBSP member Business Schools from Region 10, South Asia.

Our special Thanks are due to Dr. Tran Ngoc Tuan, Ms. Van Vu, and young professor Dr. Hieu for excellent coordination with us.


PPT by Dr. Khajuria

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Report prepared by Ms. Nusrat Campwala, CKSVIM Admin Officer with inputs from Dr. Rajesh Khajuria.