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Prof. Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Dean, GTU, and Director of CK Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management (CKSVIM), Vadodara, signed an MOU with UJW University, Polkowise, Poland with Chancellor of the Polish University, Prof. Dr. D. Zajac on 28th May 2016 during his visit to Poland.

Dr. Zdzislaw Polkowski, Dr. Teresa Olszewska and Dr. Wlodzimerz Olszewski visited under an MoU with GTU and CKSVIM on 17th December 2017 at CKSVIM furthering collaboration in Research, Publication, Faculty and Student Exchange.



The UJW University has invited Dr Khajuria and Professors and Students for a Study Tour, as well as doing joint research and book publication in Poland during Summer 2018.