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CKSVIM Director Dr. Rajesh Khajuria
Returns after Academic Exchange and Co-operation with
(1) International Tour to University of Applied Science, Bielefeld, Germany
(2) DHBW Cooperative State University, Stuttgart, Germany, and
(3) ITC-WTO, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany

University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany, invited Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Director of SMJV’s CKSV Institute of Management and Chairman, GTU’s Global MBA program Syllabus Committee and Mrs. Bela Khajuria to participate in the "International Week 2013". Dr. Khajuria was granted a scholarship from DAAD, Germany Government's International Agency for Academic Promotion to visit the German University from 18 – 22 November 2013.

The invitation was received from Prof. Dr. Roessler, Dean, Faculty of Management & Health Sciences, UAS, Bielefeld, who organised the entire event in Germany. Prof. Roessler had visited CKSVIM and GTU last year along with Prof. Dr. Ramesh Shah, in-charge of Cooperation with India.

Dr. Khajuria delivered a Lecture on ‘Indian Higher Education System’, where he enlightened distinguished Professors about Innovation in Education, Open Mindset, Liberating Learning and Practical Summer School concepts. He briefed about how to increase Employability of students through appropriate education, Training, Networking, Goal Setting, Languages, Skills and Knowledge.

It was an excellent learning and networking opportunity with some 30 Professors, Deans and Vice Presidents of leading Business Schools / Management Institutes from Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, USSR (Russia), Canada and The USA.

Dr. Khajuria threw light upon the ancient education of India which was more student-centric and modern education system in India which is more teacher-centric. He explained about the Higher Education System of India, its awarding bodies, and how it has taken a giant leap to be at par with global scenario during last 10 years, citing UGC data. He also briefed about the opportunities for Private and Foreign Universities in India higher education system.

Dr. and Mrs. Khajuria also attended special program on Family Business Management and learnt a lot about how and why Family Businesses in Germany and Switzerland grow to a size wherein some of them become the largest companies like ABB, Novartis and Dr. Oatker.

DHBW Cooperative State University, Stuttgart, Germany

Dr. and Mrs. Khajuria also visited DHBW University, Stuttgart, Germany and discussed with President, as well as with Dean of Management Faculty Dr. Augenstein about Academic Cooperation with GTU and SMJV’s CKSVIM, who had also visited CKSVIM and GTU last year. Stuttgart is Head Quarter of Mercedes Benz Cars and Porshe Family of the expensive Proshe Cars lives in Stuttgart.

Consequently, a delegation of 17 German Students studying Business Management, along with Prof. Dr. Ramesh Shah shall be visiting CKSVIM Vadodara, GTU Ahmedabad and NICM Gandhinagar for two weeks from 3rd to 14th February 2014. German students shall be taught by our Indian Professors in the subjects of Management, Finance, Marketing, HRM and Agri-Business, and undertake Projects.

ITC-WTO, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

As a part of the Agreement signed by Dr. Khajuria between SMJV’s CKSVIM Vadodara (India) with Director, ITC-WTO, Geneva, Switzerland, Dr. and Mrs. Khajuria visited United Nations office and held well planned meetings with the Directors and High Officials of The United Nations (UNCTAD), International Trade Centre (ITC) and World Trade Organization (WTO) to offer their specialised program on ‘WTO and its Impact on Business & Industry’ to the MBA Students, Faculty, and Entrepreneurs and Managers of SMEs and Corporates in India on low cost / subsidized basis.

The course has been formulated based on the advice and Business Guide on the subject, authored by Shri Vinod Rege, Former Director and Diplomat, and his team at WTO. The course is submitted by Dr. Khajuria to Gujarat Technological University (GTU), Ahmedabad for approval as an Elective Course with two Papers in MBA Semester III and IV from the next Academic Year 2014-15. Dr. Khajuria chairs the GTU’s Global MBA Program Syllabus Committee since 2011.

CKSVIM plans to organise a two-day Workshop for Entrepreneurs and Industry Managers, as well as faculty members of MBA Programs, on ‘WTO and its Impact on Business & Industry’ with the help of ITC-WTO, Geneva.

CKSVIM proposes to partner with industry associations to organise this program to benefit their member industries.                                

Presentation on "Understanding Higher Education in INDIA 2013" by Dr. Khajuria at International Week on 20th November 2013.

Article in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper on 15th November 2013.