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Prof. Wei-Chung Wang and Prof. Jenq-Horng (John) Liang of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan visited the CKSVIM Campus on 10th Jan, 2015 (Courtesy: Gujarat Technological University).

Prof. Wang shared his views on academic exchange and technological advancement in Engineering and Management education. Prof. Jenq-Horng (John) Liang is a distinguished Professor and Director of Nuclear Engineering and Science, Department of Engineering and System Science at the Taiwanese University. Prof. Wei-chung Wang is a senior advisor for global affairs and professor at Department of Power, National Tsing Hua University. Dr Rajesh Khajuria welcomed both Professors and exchanged memento / books with the visiting Professors, and thanked Dr Naresh, Jadeja, GTU for arranging their visit to SMJV-CKSVIM.


During the interaction with the faculties and staff of CKSVIM, both distinguished guests explained the Taiwanese education system and showed interest in the collaboration with GTU. They have also shown the interest in learning hindi language, as well as providing the help for teaching Mandarin (Chinese) language to Indian students.

Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Director CKSVIM, explained the ACBSP accreditation process of CKSVIM and offered to help their Business Management program acquire prestigious Global Accreditation from ACBSP, USA. The professors said that the Global Accreditation should be granted based on local language also, in addition to use of English, which Dr Khajuria promised to convey to ACBSP, USA.

On this occasion, Mr. Nagin Khajuria, FCA and a visitor from London (UK) was also present, who presented his recent Book on “Letters to Editor” which contains his select letters published in English dailies in London over past 7 years. The letters address subjects as diverse as education, healthcare, economy, banking, finance, audit, market, strategy, large v/c small business and politics. Dr Rajesh felt that the Book is an excellent teaching resource for English Communication teaching from Undergraduate to Post Graduate level in various colleges and universities.

At last, the event was completed with a group photo of faculty and Staff. Both the professors are interested in academic as well as cultural collaborations with GTU and Indian universities.


(Report Prepared by: Dr. Kerav Pandya, Associate Professor and Ms. Preeti Singhal, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM, Vadodara)