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With the purpose of bringing together their experiences, international students mainly from in and around Vadodara, Gujarat were invited at CKSVIM for the interactive session titled “International Students’ Cross- Cultural Experiences in Learning” on February 28, 2015.

Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Director, CKSVIM gave a welcome address and set the tone for the session. Mr. Nirav Majmudar, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM moderated the interactive session. In the event, 27 international students from 10 different countries namely: Rwanda, Uganda, Nepal, Burundi, Mozambique, Niger, Malawi, Afghanistan and Democratic Republic of Congo participated. They shared their experiences of studying and staying in India.

Few outcomes from the event

The points they appreciated about Gujarat:

a. Entrepreneurial Spirit

b. Cross-cultural exposure

c. Learning to be Self-Reliant

The Areas for Improvements they shared were many, it mainly included:

a. Language of instruction was in vernacular (or the English of faculties was poor)

b. They had to face RACIST REMARKS many times.

c. Lack of respect to individual as Humans.

d. Lack of Transparency in exam evaluation system.

e. Only Focus on book knowledge.

f. Lack of right Industrial exposure.


Detailed Report

The event was organized and coordinated by Batch V, Napalese students:

Archana Shah, Bhavna Gautam, Dilu Sharma and Rashmee Poudel

Report written by: Archana Shah