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The study tour 2016 of students from Daule Hochschule Baden - Wurttemberg (DHBW), Stuttgart, Germany was scheduled from 1st - 15th February, 2016 at CKSVIM, NICM & GTU which is coordinated by Prof. (Dr) Ramesh Shah, Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Dr. S.O. Junare, Mr. Yash Bhatt, Mr. Sameer Rohadia, Mr. Ankit Shah and Mr. Jagdish Shah.

Itinerary of the study tour.

List of German Professors and Students :

  • Ms. Prof. Dr Beate Sieger-Hanus
  • Mr. Prof. Dr Jan Breitweg
  • Mr. Prof. Dr Ramesh Shah
  • Mr. Henri Noichl
  • Mr. Alexander  Wanger
  • Ms. Nora Hocke
  • Ms. Jessica Rau
  • Mr. Alexander Holzhofer
  • Mr. Max Osswald
  • Ms. Michelle Menzer
  • Mr. Hannes  Merklein
  • Mr. Tobias Kaiser
  • Mr. Frank Kaselow


Video of German students journey in India.

Day 2: 2nd February 2016 @ CKSVIM

( Visit to Laxmi Villas Palace, Vadodara)

(At Jain Temple )

 (Group picture with CKSVIM students, faculty & staff )