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(International Education, Lectures, Research, Collaboration and MOUs)

“Academic Trip to EUROPE by Prof. Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Founder Director, SMJV’s C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management; Dean, Faculty of Management and Chair, Global MBA Program, Gujarat Technological University - May 6 to June 2, 2016”

After spending 4 hectic weeks touring 7 universities in Slovenia, Germany, Poland, and The United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland), Dr. Rajesh Khajuria has returned with exciting relationships and collaborations, thus opening doors to international education right here in Vadodara, for Gujarat, for India. He represented as Dean, GTU, Ahmedabad and Director, CKSVIM, Vadodara, managed by Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, a 100 year Trust operating from Mumbai.

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed and ever supporting SMJV Trust for giving an opportunity to visit various universities in Europe, and to visionary and dynamic Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Technological University for support and encouragement. Special thanks to Hon. Pro. Vasuben Trivedi, Minister of State Women & Child Welfare (Independent Charge) Higher and Technical Education, Government of Gujarat for writing a special Letter of Best Wishes.


Following Government Universities in Europe, opening their doors to internationalization of education, invited Dr. Khajuria as an International Scholar in Management / Business Education during May 6 to June 2, 2016 on four weeks academic visit.

1) University of Maribor, Slovenia – International Week with 15 European Universities, MOU with GTU in 2013 and with CKSVIM in 2014.

2) DHBW Cooperative State University, Stuttgart, Germany – MOU with GTU in 2013, Exchange with CKSVIM.

3) DHBW Cooperative State University, Heilbronn, Germany – First visit from CKSVIM-GTU.

4) Jan Wyzykowski University (UJW), Polkowice, Poland – First visit, MOU signed with Chancellor.

5) UTP University of Science & Bydgoszcz, Poland – First visit, Research and Publication Cooperation.

6) Lodz University, Lodz (pronounced as Lords), Poland – MOU Signed with Dean.

7) Swiss UMEF University, Geneva, Switzerland – First meeting to explore.

8) International Trade Centre (ITC), World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland – MOU with CKSVIM in 2013, extended to 100 GTU-MBA Colleges, Progress Report submission, Future Cooperation and Students Visit in 2017.

The Deans, Professors and Students of some of these European Universities had already attended one or more of the five International Conferences on Business Ethics, Governance and Sustainability, organised by GTU with CKSVIM during 2010-2015. ACBSP, USA Accreditation of CKSVIM Vadodara helps internationalise our education, research and publication world-wide.

Starting with Meditation, highly appreciated by the European Students and Professors in each of the lectures and seminars delivered, Dr. Rajesh Khajuria delivered lectures and presentations at the above mentioned Universities in Slovenia, Germany and Poland on 1) “Business Ethics, Governance, Sustainability and Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)”, with a Case Study on TATA Group of Companies, India and 2) “Doing Business with India.”


The purpose was to strengthen the Academic Collaborations, share Indian wisdom and knowledge, learn from European professors, and build new Collaborations between Gujarat Technological University (GTU) / C. K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management (CKSVIM), Gujarat, INDIA, and some of the leading European Universities cited above, leading to internationalization of Education in general and MBA program in particular, for teachers’ and students’ success. “We firmly believe in Indian Education with Global Perspective and Cooperation”, said Dr. Khajuria.

OUTCOME - Valuable and Long Term

An initiative for deeper cultural, academic and business exchange, the outcome was a mutually agreed decision-tree between Dr. Rajesh Khajuia (GTU – CKSVIM) and the Chancellor / Rector / Dean / Professors of 6 European Universities - to move ahead with Student and Faculty Exchange Program. Now, International Study Tour may be organized for two weeks where 10-15 GTU-CKSVIM MBA students with one or two faculties can participate. Also our select few MBA students can study for a full Semester-III in these European Universities with mutual cooperation and exchange of students and professors.

Business Informatics, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Inter-Cultural Management, Manufacturing Management, WTO, SME Management, International Trade and Startups are some of the emerging business education subjects, and offer great opportunities for MBAs to learn, practice skills and get into business / entrepreneurship / innovation or jobs.

Universities of Europe also showed keen interest to do Joint Research Projects with faculties and students of GTU – CKSVIM.

GERMANY:  Highly Industrialised country of meticulous perfection, Audi, Mercedes, VolksWagon and Porshe Cars

Invited, hosted and facilitated by Prof. Dr. Augenstein and Dr. Ramesh Shah, new opportunity is developed for GTU-MBA students study tour for 15 days, and Summer Internship Project for 4-6 weeks at DHBW Stuttgart and Heilbronn. Dr. Khajuria experienced a new model of Dual Education system in DHBW State Cooperative University in Germany, where students study 3 months in university and work 3 months in business or industry in every semester from first to last. 100% Students get jobs from day 1 of joining the university. DHBW has 1200 business partners. CKSVIM has 100 business partners for 200 MBA students. This Dual Education Model is recommended for GTU, Gujarat and India to improve India’s Management and Technical Education System, said Dr. Khajuria.

Prof. Dr. Charles Savage, living in Munich and a Visiting Professor to GTU-MBA program, specially travelled to conduct a meeting with Dr. Khajuria in Stuttgart Hotel for improvisation of GTU-MBA Program with the latest subjects like Indian Wisdom, Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 4.0.

SLOVENIA: God has given everything – Education, Business, Great History, Sea, Rivers, Mountains, and Quality of Life at Attractive Cost:

Invited, hosted and facilitated by Prof. Dr. Samo Bobek, Dean, University of Maribor, Dr. Khajuria attended “International Week” with 15 European Universities. New Opportunity is developed for Two-weeks to one-semester study by GTU-CKSVIM MBA students in Slovenia, 1 week’s business visit by MSMEs through Vadodara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), and Joint Research and Publications were the main agenda of discussions. Also inspired by Mr. Boris Jelovsek, Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, New Delhi, Dr. Khajuria visited  International Centre for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE), Ljubljana, met Mr. David, Manager, yielded opportunities for Visit and Training of MBA students and MSMEs of Vadodara / Gujarat / India.


Dr. Khajuria visited the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland) to continue and strengthen CKSVIM Agreement of 2013 with International Trade Centre, World Trade Organization (ITC-WTO) under which CKSVIM teaches a special course on “WTO and its Impact on Business and Industry”, approved by GTU. Thanks to Mr. Vinod Rege and Dr. Raj Bhandari, both Former Directors of ITC, WTO, who facilitated various meetings. He interacted with Dr. Ashish Shah, Director (Country Programs) and Dr. Raj Agrawal, Director, ITC, Ms. Susana Oliveres and others for developing new opportunities for country studies, case studies, eLearning program, and Students’ visit to The United Nations in 2017.

POLAND: Country of Manufacturing Industry and Hardworking People:

Invited, hosted and facilitated by Prof. Dr. Z. Polkowski, and empowered by Dr Akshai Aggarwal, Hon. Former Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Technological University (GTU), Dr. Rajesh Khajuria as Dean-GTU, and Director-CKSVIM, Vadodara, India signed an MOU with UJW University, with Prof. Dr. D. Zajac, Chancellor of this Government Polish University. Another MOU was signed with Prof. Janusz Swierkocki, Pro Dean and Prof. Dr. Marian Niedzwiedzinski, Lords University, Lords, Poland. Dean Prof. Zofia Wiszkowska; Prof. Arcadiusz Januszewski, Vice- Dean for Science and Dr Małgorzata Zajdel – Vice-Dean for Students Affairs, of UTP University of Science & Technology, Bydgoszcz, Poland, showed keen interest in Joint Research Projects and publishing.


The education is free of fees in all European Nations. Can we dream of India offering free university education to all Indian people by 2025? Currently, 86% of Management and Technical Education is offered by Private Colleges in India on fee or cost-plus basis.


Dr. Rajesh Khajuria
Director, CKSVIM
Dean, GTU's Global MBA Program