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The study tour 2017 of students from Daule Hochschule Baden - Wurttemberg (DHBW), Heilbronn, Germany was scheduled from 28th January - 12th February, 2017 at CKSVIM, NICM & GTU which was coordinated by Prof. (Dr) Ramesh Shah, Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Dr. S.O. Junare,  Mr. Ankit Shah and Mr. Gaurang Badheka.

Itinerary of the Study Tour.

List of German Professors and Students :

  • Prof. Dr. Zajontz, Leader
  • Prof. Dr Ramesh Shah, Coordinator
  • Carina Bach
  • Nico Cornelissen
  • Magdelena Keller
  • Alexander Arlt
  • Anthea Probst
  • Pia Bosle
  • Melissa Ort
  • Sören Weiss

8th February 2017 - Visit to Amul Dairy, Anand


7th February 2017 - Visit to Jewel Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd

7th February 2017 - Shelly Engineering Plastic Ltd.

6th February 2017 - Visit to Sardar Sarovar Dam

4th February 2017 - NICM, Gandhinagar and Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar

(NICM Gandhinagar)


(Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar)

3rd February 2017 - GTU


2nd February 2017 - Lectures @ CKSVIM

1) Education System and Knowledge Management in India.

2) Out look of Indian Economy.

1st February 2017 - Visit to Jain Temple, CKSVIM and Laxmi Villas Palace:


 31st January 2017 - Arrival at Vadodara