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Students of CKSVIM got an opportunity to listen Professor Dr. Dariusz Zajac, Chancellor, UJW University, and Dr. Zdzislaw Polkowski, Adjunct Professor, UJW University, Poland, under the Leadership talk session conducted by CKSIVM on 25th January 2017.

Initially, Dr. Rajesh Khajuria gave a welcome speech and greeted the two dignitaries. He shared his experience of Poland visit and lecture conducted by him. He also appreciated the hospitality extended to him by Prof Polkowski and his team and last but not the least he appreciated the punctuality of students and teachers.

Dr. Khajuria also briefed students that, Empowered by Dr Akshai Aggarwal, Hon. Former Vice Chancellor, GTU, he as a Dean of GTU, and Director of CK Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management (CKSVIM), Vadodara, Gujarat, India signed an MOU with UJW University, Polkowise, Poland with Chancellor of the Polish University, Prof. Dr. Dariuz. Zajac on 28th May 2016 during his academic trip to Europe. The MOU was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Z. Polkowski, who invited Dr. Khajuria to deliver lectures on Business Ethics, Governance, Sustainability and PRME, a UN Global Compact Initiative. The MOU signed covers exchange of students and faculties, joint research, publications in international journals, lectures by visiting Professors and local hospitality etc.

Further, Dr. Dariusz Zajac, who had his first visit to India, introduced the students to the history of Poland, the UJW University, and the business and government relations in Poland. His visit to India was mainly aiming towards developing international collaborations.

Talking about the leadership facet, he said that you have to be open minded, looking forward for opportunities to develop. He suggested the students to travel, explore the world, knowing what is better, and be inspired. He emphasized on being innovative.

The talk was followed by Dr. Zdzislaw Polkowski, who discussed about the destruction and re-building of Poland, and made the students understand that the destroyed past can become a well-built future.

He opened up about the concept of ICT, abbreviated as Information, Communication, and Technology. He stated that Companies need to be innovative or they die.


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Report By:- Jigeesha Mujumdar and Reshma Wadhwani

Picture Courtesy: Deep Bavisi and Karan Zaveri