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 A message from the Honorary Secretary: Shri Subodhratna Gardi

The inaugural of this unique learning temple was held on 5th July’ 09. We were fortunate to have the Royal family member and Chancellor of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Hon. Mrunalini Devi, as the Chief Guest.

Let me share a secret with the Academic world today...

Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidhyalaya, popularly known as SMJV or Vidyalaya, is probably the only Educational Trust in this part of India, which is in service to the educational needs of the community since 95 years!

The roots of this premier institution are found in its belief that education, coupled with followings of basic Jain principals, will help the cause of Jain philosophy to create a non-violent, peaceful and prosperous society.

In course of the existence of almost a century, the institution has over 15000 Alumni spread across the world, most of them well established and leading in their respective fields and regions globally.

Vidyalaya’s main objective is to establish important institute’s concerned with education for the prosperity of Jain (and now all other) communities & religions in accordance with the funds, and to device schemes especially for the spread of education as well as undertake all the possible efforts to implement the same.

I hope our Institute of management, with its mission & vision, shall reach Number 1 in the state, not only in Gujarat but in India!

I am sure we shall continue to receive generous moral & financial support from SMJV alumni as well as Jain & other communities to invest on education in the country.

Jai Jinendra!

Shri Subodhratna Gardi

MBA, B.Sc.

Investor & Educationist