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A Message from the President: Shri Kirtilal Doshi

Our Institute enshrines three core objectives: Education, Ethics and Enterprise. Education is  an ongoing process of acquiring new knowledge. Our competitive advantage is derived from imparting value based education that instills ethics amongst our students. We do not prepare them for jobs; we prepare them for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. We encourage them to innovate, take measured risks and lead the way. I believe that in this age of societal concerns and social awareness, we are in the business of incubating leaders with values and passion for success.

In a short duration, SMJV’s CKSV Management Institute has crossed many milestones. We are ranked amongst the best. This is a result of the commitment and caliber of our staff and the sincere efforts of our students. The teacher-student interaction is the foundation of any educational institution and our academically accomplished teachers pass their knowledge and experience to the students through in-campus interactions, seminars and events. It is heartening to see our alumni succeed in their professional life.

I convey my best wishes to the staff and students of our esteemed Institution and urge them to continue the good work.

Best wishes,

Kirtilal K Doshi

Former Chairman's Message: Late Hon. Dr. Dipchandbhai Gardi