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List of CKSVIM Alumni Office Bearers for the Year 2019 - 20.


The mission of the CKSVIM’S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION shall be to promote and enhance the participation and involvement of the Association's members through activities that support and enhance the educational growth and Overall development of CKSVIM College.

The purpose of this organization shall be to:


  • Support institutional and academic growth at CKSVIM
  • Provide its member with opportunities for professional development through social and professional networking.
  • Foster lifetime involvement and commitment to the college.
  • Offer spiritual and social opportunities among the members to further individual growth and community spirit.
  • Promote and foster the spirit of service and fellowship among members through various volunteer activities and committee work.




Commitment to service and giving back





Intellectual Engagement



We foster and strengthen the special bonds that connect the CKSVIM Family to each other and to the College.

We cater and engage all alumni so that the Alumni Association and the CKSVIM will benefit from the talents, skills, diverse knowledge and interest, network and backgrounds found within the CKSVIM Family.

We encourage our precious alumni to respond to the needs of the world around them and to fulfil the gap by sharing their knowledge, talents, resources, and time with those in need.


Pioneer Batch: - Free

All Batches: -    1000 or $ 21

What it offers:-

  • Opportunities to advance educationally or career-wise through friendships and networking with successful alumni, faculty, staff and college supporters.
  • As a member Alumna/nus, you will be affiliated with an organization of graduates, former students, community supporters, civic leaders, and donors. Membership brings alumna/nus into a circle of friends, reunites them with classmates, promotes educational and life achievements through the Hall Of Fame program, recognize yesterdays on campus and bring back former students to the spirit and the memories during Homecoming.
  • Communication with other alumni - as a member, Alumni are invited to reunions, get-togethers, receptions, Homecoming and other campus activities in which classmates and club-mates come together.
  • Membership connects alumni to educators and experts in their chosen fields, renew memories of the days of CKSVIM, and introduce activities that reach far beyond the classroom.
  • Information about upcoming campus events and special alumni events through "Alumni News and Awards" in the SANKALPA: Journal of Management & Research