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Students and Faculty members of CKSVIM visited Jeevdaya centres, Schools, Hospitals, and Old age homes during the National Management Week 2015 which started from 1st to 7th August 2015:

2nd August 2015: Visit to Sumeru Panjrapole (Cattle House)

  • Students and Faculty members of CKSVIM, visited Jeevdaya- Sumeru Panjarapole, which is directly associated with saving Animals who are being sent to Slaughter Houses. Once they are saved from being slaughtered, they are sent to different Panjrapoles (Animal House) for extra care. The students and faculty members on behalf of the institute donated Rs. 6101/- for the noble cause. The students visited the entire panjrapole.


3rd August 2015: Session on Health & Hygiene Awareness & Traffic Awareness

  • A session was conducted by Dr. Rajesh Shah on health and hygiene awareness. He delivered an inspiring lecture on managing the work life balance and routine activities. He focused on regular exercise, along with balanced diet, sound sleep, and other activities to reduce the stress level.
  • Raheem Shaikh former PSI, Traffic Police Department shared his first hand experience with the CKSVIM Fresher’s. Mr. Shaikh widely known as Raheem Chacha, was at his best in spreading the traffic awareness. Raheem chacha in his style narrated many shayris, which made all laugh & smile, but more importantly sent the right message regarding the importance of life, worth of our life, sensitivity of our life, and importance of due care while driving and travelling on road. His examples of various fatal accidents of city & country were awe inspiring and an eye opener for the youngsters. Later, the students were asked to come out with ideas how to reduce accidents. The students shared about 20 different ways in which accidents can be reduced.


4th August 2015: Visit to Lions Club Blind Girls School & Tree Plantation

  • Students visited Lions Blind School and distributed some wafers to them and interacted with the blind girls. Students got to know that they are only named as blind but actually they are the ones with the foresights. Their Smile was the most precious and the priceless gift which students will cherish through their lives.
  • It’s all about making Vadodara a green city. A day dedicated to environment, a day for “Tree Plantation”. 100 saplings of Tulsi, Asopalav, Kesod, Mango, Gulmahor and Badam were planted in various areas in Vadodara.


5th August 2015: Rural Women Health Awareness, Visits to Bal- 7 Gokulam, Warashia Old Age Home, Shram-mandir Leprosy Hospital, Blood Donation Camp, Health Check Up & Free Thalessemia Test

  • Distribution of sanitary napkins in slum areas....What a thought!! A visit that is really worth noting.. yes...Faculties along with some students went to slum areas to spread awareness about the hygiene of women and girls. Sanitary napkins were distributed to the women. Kudos to their efforts.
  • A visit was paid to Balgokulam by some students along with faculties. They spent a wonderful time with kids over there. Chart papers were donated to boost the kids for developing skills and art. Along with that crayons, pens, sketch pens and chocolates were also distributed.
  • A noble action was done at CKSVIM, students; faculty and staff members donated the blood to Indu blood bank. Around 40 people donated the blood and 57 people got Thalassemia test done. Those who donated blood were given a pack of Frooti, Parle-G and some refreshment. Really a great effort was made by all.
  • A visit to old age home was organized to spend quality time with old people. They were welcomed with beautiful red roses, played games, danced and sang songs. Their smile in the photographs is revealing their happiness. Fruits, biscuits and wafers were distributed. The entire event ended with a beautiful group photograph and interaction with them. Students are looking forward to be in contact with them for their beautiful smile.
  • Students and faculty members of CKSVIM visited Shram Mandir, Sindhrot, a hospital for leprosy patient. Students distributed 425 packets of Parle-G biscuits among the beloved leprosy victims of ashram.


6th August 2015: Sarvodaya Movement - Distribution of 5 clothes & footwear, Taught Importance of English & Math in 5 Government Schools, Health Awareness & Distribution of Water filters, Awareness regarding Banking Products in Slum areas, Visit SSG Govt. Hospital

  • The students, faculties and staff of the Institute distributed USED clothes, foot wears, vessels, toys and rain wears at Lalbaug, Pratapnagar, Pologround, Kamatibaug, Shastribridge, Diwalipura, Gorva, Bhimnath Bridge. Many used and old clothes were collected from various areas since day 1 and almost 23 bags full of clothes were distributed to the needy people who are really deprived of their basic necessities. All the family members of CKSVIM collected these articles from their own home, neighbors, alumni, etc and they even provided the service to collect these belongings from anybody’s residence in vadodara, if they showed the interest to donate on a single call.
  • A step was taken to educate the non English medium students of corporation and government schools, where the students of CKSVIM taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade students the importance of learning English and Math. Many puzzles and fun games of math was adopted as means for teaching. 4 schools were covered namely: Dongreji Prathmic school, Jyoti Kedvani school, Kavi Premanand Dharmik school, and Saibaba Hindi Prathmic School. After a session of one and a half hour of teaching, lunch boxes, stationary and notebooks were distributed to the children to motivate them for learning more. Around 500 sets of lunch box, notebooks and stationary were distributed to children.
  • Students and Faculty members of CKSVIM, visited the slums areas of Vadodara like Tulsiwadi and Bhimnath Bridge. Students explained to the people, the importance of hygiene, especially how to filter the water and use it. They also distributed 500 water filters in these areas.
  • At Diwalipura slum area CKSVIM students participated enthusiastically where they gathered to spread awareness regarding having back accounts, various schemes launched by Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi (Jan Dhan Yojna, Atal pension scheme & other insurance schemes too.). They were practically taught how to fill up the bank slips, cheques & what details should be secretly maintained so as to avoid frauds.
  • Around 10 students along with faculty members visited SSG hospital to distribute 600 packets of biscuits to the patients. 6 air beds were also donated. The entire event definitely instilled in the minds of the students a love for philanthropy.


7th August 2015: Prevention of Diabetic Blindness (PDB) in association with IMA

  • Gujarat is known as Diabetic Capital of the World. With this regards, CKSVIM join hands with Indian Medical Association (IMA). Students of CKSVIM pasted the posters of Prevention of Diabetic Blindness (PDB) at various corporate, educational institutions, government offices, & public places. The posters contained information about the symptoms of diabetes, adverse effect of diabetes, how to take care to prevent diabetes, and how to treat diabetes.