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CKSVIM "Jeevdaya Team of students" visited "Pashu Seva Kendra", Vadodara and "Jamnabai Hospital", Vadodara on 2nd May 2011 for animal and human welfare.

"Jeevdaya Team of students" collected Rs. 5657/- from the students and staff of our MBA Institute and donated Rs. 2100/- and biscuits worth Rs. 264/- to "Pashu Seva Kendra" and vital / expensive medicines worth Rs. 2700/- to "Jamnabai Hospital" for the poor pregnant women from rural and urban areas who otherwise could not afford such medicines prescribed by the doctors of the hospital.

It is said "Giving is an art of Generosity", our students expressed their love and compassion for both animals and humanbeings.

Infact, we are proud that our MBA students understand the law of reciprocity and karma. And I am sure someone somewhere will repay their act of goodwill and charity.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill


Written by: Nusrat Campwala, Secretary to Director


Pashu Seva Kendra

Jamnabai Hospital

Students and Faculty member who visited "Pashu Seva Kendra" and "Jamnabai Hospital" are as follow:

Moxit Shah, Jatin Shah, Deven Shah, Pankti Shah, Sapan Doshi, Priyank Shah, Dipen Shah, Rachit Shah, Palak Shah, Pankaj Kubadia, Dhara Shah, Vishal Kapasi and Prof. Nirav Majmudar