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The “Jeevdaya Committee” formed by the students of CKSVIM visited two Orphanages near Karelibaug, Vadodara on 11th March 2012at 1:30 pm. The committee of the college went to the orphanages and distributed fruits and sweets to the under-privileged children of both the orphanages. One orphanage consisted of ‘special children’. There were about 25 orphans in each orphanage which the students visited.

Many of us have a well cushioned future ahead of us. If not that, we certainly have someone to fall back on. But not everyone we come across in daily life has an appealing reason to jump out of bed every morning and hope for a better day ahead. Such was the condition of those orphans who did not have their own families supporting them. They were more than happy to see all the students of CKSVIM distributing fruits and sweets to them. The ‘special children’ were so trained that they maintained discipline when the students were distributing fruits and sweets to them. There was a gleam of happiness on their faces.

There was just one feeling in the minds of the students who went for this good deed:

It’s not about the big cheque,

It’s not always about the cold cash.

It’s about helping those, to whom life has not been fair,

To show them that you care,

Few moments of your life that you can spare,

To comfort a lone man standing out there.


Names of the students of Batch III (Sem-II) who visited the Orphanages


Hemanshi Shah (Div. A)

Kinjal Jain (Div. A)

Ekta Shah (Div. B)

Hardik Parekh (Div. B)

Pranali Patel (Div. B)

The accountant of our college, Mr. Nehal Shah also accompanied the students.


Hemanshi Shah

Sem II Div A