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JIVDAYA - Feeding Sick Animals and Birds on 5th August 2013

Being the part of Management Week celebration the students of CKSVIM had under taken an event of Jivdaya.

Some 76 students along with 2 faculty members had visited LATE DILIP-PARESH PANJRAPOLE located on AAMOD Road, 3 kms from Miyagam, Karjan, sponsored by the institute Management. Karjan Panjrapole employs 100 employees working and taking care of the sick animals or animals that are on their death-bed.

These animals cannot be used for anything. They render such activities for all animal may it be cows, buffaloes, horses or camels. Here animals are given shelter, food, medicines and are taken care of. There are totally 2800 animals taken care of and treated medically. The Navkar Mantra is played 24hrs. The daily expenses amounts to Rs. 1 lakh. It is not possible to adopt animals and take their care but it is possible to provide for a little help to those who are taking care.

It is very easy to do things in return of something, but it is very difficult to do so where you cannot get anything in return. The people working here are all working on this motto.

Thus it was a very good trip conducted. A donation by the students and college amounting to Rs. 2315.00 was given there.

A new lesson learnt:

“Management is not only what you study and practice but also about things, places and people to whom you can be helpful to.”

Student Co-ordinator: Nirav Patel

Faculty Co-ordinator: Mr. Nirav Majmudar