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5thJanuary 2015, early morning we started our journey from Vadodara to Ratanmahal along with Dr. Kamal Taori, IAS (Retd) & Former Secretary to Government of India and Chairman - Rural Business Hub - India, Wardha / New Delhi and Mr. Prakash Patel, Coordinator, Centre for Rural Management, CKSVIM.

Our Team got an opportunity to interact with Dr. Kamal Taori sir, which was very informative and interesting. He said to us that “ Along with social activity at ratanmahal, we will create business opportunity for villager and us”. Therefore, throughout the journey from Vadodara to Ratanmahal we all got engrossed in planning how to create a business opportunity and how to create a modern, replicable and sustainable model for village.

At Devgadh Bariya:

At 10.00 am we reached Devgadh Bariya. It was a wonderful place. We met the Queen of Devgadh Bariya, Shrimati Urvashi Devi ji. It was our pleasure to meet a such humble and down-to-earth queen. Shrimati Urvashi Devi ji talked about the business opportunity in this modern time.

To our surprise, Shrimati Urvashi Devi ji arranged a breakfast of tea and snacks and together we all enjoyed it. This gesture made us respect her from bottom of our heart.

(Dr. Kamal Taori honored Shrimati Urvashi Devi ji with a memento)

We also got the opportunity to meet the Queen’s son, Shri Tusharsingh ji (Former MLA of Devgadh Bariya). He talked about the current position of Devgadh Bariya and how they have developed the village in last 10 year. He was convinced with a modern replicable model of village and believed that through this model the village will be developed, educated & business opportunities will be created.

At Ratanmahal & Bhuvera Village:

From Devgadh Bariya we went to Ratanmahal. We crossed the forest and we enjoyed the fresh air which recharged us for our further journey. From Ratanmahal we went to Bhuvera village.

We visited the Maharana Jagatsinh Ashram Shala(school) at Bhuvera. The school principal, Shri Jashubhai & staff members gave us a warm welcome. This residential school is established by the Shrimati Urvashi Devi ji which supports children from nine villages, to impart education, with the aim to reach high in life.

We interacted with the school children and distributed the stationery items and biscuits, which was purchased from the money donated by CKSVIM students, staff and faculty members. We explained them about the importance of education.

Photographs of the visit.



Indeed it was a wonderful experience interacting with the school children.

We thank Dr. Rajesh Khajuria sir, and Mr. Prakash Patel sir for arranging an informative and exciting trip for the social cause.


Report written by: Rahul Rathod and Nimesh Parmar, Batch V

Report edited by: Ms. Nusrat Campwala, Web Developer, CKSVIM

Photo Courtesy: Raju Sapra, Sachin and Ankit Surti, Batch V

Coordinator of the Trip: Mr. Prakash Patel, Asst. Professor, CKSVIM