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Students and Faculty members of CKSVIM visited Jeevdaya centres, Schools, Hospitals, and Old age homes during the National Management Week 2014 which started from 1st to 7th August 2014.

2nd August 2014:

1) Under Educational Development Activities, the CKSVIM students initiated the event on “The Importance of English and Mathematics" in daily life. The session was held for the students of government schools like Geeta Mandir Vidhyalaya, R.N.K Pandya (Girls School), and Anupam Vidhyalay (on 4th Day), Vadodara. Students showed their keen interest for English and mathematics which was quite visible from their enthusiastic response. The students were very participative and enjoyed the sessions. The event was concluded by distributing books and stationary which brought smile on their faces.

2) Visited the slum areas of Vadodara namely Tulsiwadi and Bhimnath Bridge. The students made an effort to make people aware about the importance of hygiene, especially how to filter the water and drink filtered water. They also distributed about 300 water filters in these areas so that the basic necessity of drinking pure water is fulfilled.  

3) Few visits do live a print-mark on our mind that you keep thinking about it even after few days. Such was one visit to ‘Vrudhashram’, an old age home situated in Vadodara. This old age home differs from others by some of its unique characteristics, such as attach toilets, limited number of old people in one room, neat & clean ambiance (ground, kitchen, rooms, lobby), no strict rules for admission of old people, no strict in-house rules to be followed by the old people,  feeling of healthy atmosphere all around and much more.


3rd August 2014:

1) Jeevdaya- Sumeru Panjarapole, which is directly associated with saving animals who are being sent to Slaughterhouses. Once they are saved from being sent to Slaughterhouses, they send them to different Panjrapole (Animal House) and take care of them throughout their Life. The students and faculty on behalf of the institute donated Rs. 6601/- for the noble cause. Also, the students were taken on the entire property visit of Jeevdaya.

2) Visited Sir Sayaji Rao General Hospital (SSG), Vadodara. As a philanthropic gesture, the students distributed 100 packets of Parle G biscuits among the patients and their families and also donated 2 Air Beds to the orthopedic department of hospital. The entire day's events definitely instilled in the minds of the students a love for philanthropy.


4th August 2014:

1) Visited Shram Mandir, Sindhrot - hospital for leprosy patient. As a symbolic gesture the students distributed 500 packets of Parle-G biscuits among the beloved leprosy victims of ashram.

2) Visited “Lions Club Blind School” for girls where students under the CSR activity donated eight chargeable cells along with charger which is useful to blind girls for their musical instruments and also distributed packets of various girls’ accessories which brought beautiful smile on their faces.


5th August 2014:

1) Visited Learning Imprints Pvt. Ltd. Sama on the 4th day of National Management Week celebration, for specially challenged students. The team had an interaction with the students during their daily life activities which encouraged and motivated them to face the challenges. Students of CKSVIM learned how to face the reality of life by observing the students. The institute distributed block games and crayons.

2) Distributed stationary items to orphan and underprivileged children in Balgokulam, Vadodara


6th August 2014:

1) “Sarvodaya Movement” an initiative by CKSVIM - distributed USED clothes and footwear to 300 roadside poor families got the benefit of it. The collection started on the first day and the same articles were distributed to support needy roadside poor people. All members of CKSVIM collected these articles from their own home, neighbours, alumni, etc and they even provided the service to collect these belongings from anyone's residence if they showed the interest to donate on a single call.


7th August 2014:

1) Jeevdaya Team of students collected and donated Rs. 2001/- from the students and staff of our MBA to "Pashu Seva Kendra” for helping stray animals. In fact, MBA students felt proud that they understand the law of reciprocity and karma. And they are sure someone somewhere will repay their act of goodwill and charity.               

2) Blood Donation Camp and Thalassemia test ( free and compulsory for all students) was organized by CKSVIM institute by inviting Indu Blood Bank of Shri Jeevan Akshay Charitable Trust. 50 members of CKSVIM donated blood, making it a successful event on the last day of National Management Week celebration.  

3) Visited Spandan – School for Mentally Challenged. As the students entered the gate of their school, students felt excited and delightful to see the pleasant green environment. CKSVIM students presented them with necessary stationery items and felt themselves blessed that God had given them a perfect mind and body.